Rave Reviews

Our girls are having so much fun at TMS. The program is great… our children have exceeded our expectations and the teaching is exceptional. I have recommended you to others in our community!”

Dawn H.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Rhiley has had an awesome year this year. She has grown so much from the day she walked into your studio to now. I never would have imagined she would be playing at the level she is compared to where she began. I owe this not only to Rhiley’s hard work but also to you for challenging her to be the best she can be. You bring things out of music that I never knew was even there. I am so thankful for the referral we got to come to Tamminga Studios.

Shiela V.

Luke had a great year, and his love for the piano is back! I know now that the teacher makes all of the difference!

Dani P.

Well, you are exceptional and Erin loves you. We are fortunate to have been able to get into your program. Thanks for your joyful mannerism and encouragement.

Diane K.

We are so excited that you have room for the kids and are looking forward to starting up when we move back to Colorado. [She] had private piano teachers for the last two years…No music studio like yours here. Your classes were always fun and full of energy and I think that’s what she needs right now to get her engaged again. Both kids love music and I owe it to your original class. Your class is one I always compare all our others to and nothing has compared.

Maria S.

Dylan’s experience has been excellent! And, Colin has jumped leaps and bounds this year. He is also liking piano and practices without having to be told.

Kristine K.

I’m just so thankful to have found you. Our kids love lessons… I can’t say enough good things about it.

Andrea S.

I never knew how much this class would mean to my son.

Julie L.

I like the intimacy of the class… I also like the variety of music activities. The kids are always begging for certain songs and the list is growing! It’s never “old” or boring. She loves the songs and activities, and she loves her classmates. She sings about them all week! I just want to say that I think YOU make the class. You are so great with the kids, so well prepared, so “on task”, and very innovative. We both look forward to class you every week!

Deanna J.

[She] talked about your class all afternoon and how much fun she had!

Judy G.

Kimberly loves your class and LOVES you!

Cindi K.

Thanks again for the review this morning! I would say that her passion speaks volumes for your instruction and the inspiration that you instill in her! Amazing! Many thanks to you for your continued support through our ups and downs!

Kim B.

We love our teacher! She is energetic, compassionate, patient and full of knowledge… Our kids love it. We want to thank you very much for bringing music into their lives. Their enthusiasm and abilities are a direct result of the wonderful teaching. Thank you so much!

Jennie M.

[She] says ‘I like going to music because I like Miss Jeana!’ Thank you for all your classes have meant. We are singing the songs and repeating activities we learn in class every day. Whether we are riding in the car, waiting for someone, or being silly at home- these tools help me to keep my kids distracted and happy. [She] even does some of the finger plays with her little sister who squeals with delight each time. I enjoy being a part of something my children really enjoy… The memories we are building through these wonderful experiences are very precious to me because they are times spent with my daughters! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kristen S.

I wanted to say thank you. Dalton is loving his classes, and he even performed Listen For Bells with both hands in front of his class yesterday. It’s just awesome to see him so interested in something.

Roni L.

We love TMS! The positive environment and approach are wonderful in motivating our kids by praise, not negative. My children love piano lessons at Tamminga Music (and so do I)!

Marsha J.

Ella loves coming to TMS! She always looks forward to her lessons! We are very thankful for the instruction she has received!

Stephanie G.

Lindsay has come such a long way in such a very short time. I know part of it is because of natural talent, but most of it is because of her great teacher!! Thanks for all your hard work with her.

Tina S.

Jenna and Connor always look forward to their lesson and really enjoy playing the piano… They have learned a lot and we’re so happy to have found you! We are looking forward to continuing with piano lessons indefinitely!

Marilyn L.

As a first-time piano student, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it or how long I would stay interested in learning to play. One year after starting lessons, I am still inspired! I have found an outlet for my love of music, a great stress reliever, and a wonderful teacher who has encouraged and motivated me to continue learning.

Laura C. (Adult Student)

I just can’t get over Brayden’s accomplishments in just a few weeks. He is now moving at his speed and LIKES IT!!!

Jennifer W.

Sami really likes the strong bells piece she is playing… She is so motivated to play when she enjoys the music:) Thanks for all you do. Sami really enjoys you and her lessons.

Lisa G.

You are a wonderful instructor and Mariah really enjoys class. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Michelle C.

Thank you so much for your program. I am so happy that Adrienne has found something she enjoys to do and that she is applying herself to learn more. Behind every great student is a great teacher!

Peter A.

I wanted you to know how much Alex enjoys you as a mentor. You have done a wonderful job and we are so appreciative.

Brenda B.