Preparatory Piano (Preschool – Elementary Levels)

Status Dates Format Cost Location
REGISTER August 2018 – May 2019 Preparatory Piano Annual, Semester Tuition or 10 Equal Monthly Payments Parker, CO

More about Preparatory Piano
PP is a semi-private program with up to four students (ages 3-18). We believe one size does not fit all, and students learn differently and at different paces. Because of that, our program is structured very much like a private lesson. If your child is progressing more quickly, he/she will continue to be pushed along and challenged. If your child misses a week due to vacation/illness, or just needs more time to master a concept, our structure allows the time to review without feeling behind. This structure also allows students to choose pieces based on their own interests.

Lessons are centered on FUN through weekly incentives, games and studio-wide contests. All the fun encourages students to develop proper technique and basic fundamentals from the first lesson. Add theory lab for a minimal cost.

Day/Time: Registration is ongoing, and new groups form throughout the year. On the registration form, you can choose your preferred days/times. We group students according to age and level.